1. Order
2. Payment, authorization
3. Stock range
4. Delivery
5. Warranty, exchange and return
6. Newsletter
7. Front Runner general information



1.1 How do I order?

If you've found a product you like to order, you can add it to the shopping basket by clicking the "add" button. After the desired products have been added to the shopping basket, please click on the shopping cart to complete your order. It is possible to make your final decision during the check out. After this is done, click to pay. You could be required to sign in.

1.2 Do I have to be logged in to be able to pay?

You do not need to sign in. However signing in does speed up the process and will give you access to more options on our website.

1.3 Can I still add something to my order?

It is possible to add products to the shopping cart anytime, provided that the order has not been processed yet. If this is the case, then you can contact our customer service.

1.4 Can I cancel an item from my order?

This is possible, provided that the order has not been processed yet. If this is the case, then please contact our customer service.

1.5 Can I cancel my complete order?

This is possible, provided that the order has not been processed yet. If this is the case, then please contact our customer service.

1.6 Do I need a customer number to order?

No, this is not required. To place an order, all you need is a working email address.

1.7 How do I find a product?

There are two ways to search for products on Frontrunner.nl. The first is to navigate through the different categories. The second way is to use the internal search engine.

1.8 How does the login procedure work?

Go to the 'my account' tab and fill in your email and password.

1.9 I lost my password.

Through 'my account' you can request a new password.

1.10 How do I change my password?

If you are signed in, you can use the 'my account' to change your password.

1.11 Can I visit a store to fit the clothing?

Yes, that is possible. You can go to one of our stores: 'stores Front Runner'.

1.12 I live outside the Netherlands. Can I order online?

Ordering from abroad is possible. Please check our terms of delivery to see if we deliver to your country.

1.13 How do I know if my order was received?

When an order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email. 

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Payment, authorization

2.1 I have placed multiple orders, why are they not delivered yet?

There can be several reasons why the order has not been delivered:

• The total amount is greater than the credit limit

• There is an amount outstanding

2.2 Is it possible to pay in installments?

It is not possible to pay in installments. You have to pay the whole amount in advance or you can choose to pay afterwards. For more information about the payments, see 'payment options'.

2.3 I have noted the reference number as the payment ID instead of the order number, is this a problem? 

Either one is ok. The payment can be processed without problems, provided that one of the two payment ID's is supplied.

2.4 What should I use as a payment ID for the wire transfer?

Preferably the order number, if you do not know this then use your customer number or reference number.

2.5 What is your account number?

Bank account number: IBAN NL73 ABNA0626311756

2.6 Are all amounts including sales tax?

All amounts listed on the website are including VAT.

2.7 Should I give additional data with foreign transfers?

Always state your customer number with the payment and also the following information:

• IBAN number: NL73 ABNA0626311756

• Swift code: ABNANL2A

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Stock range

3.1 Can I order something outside of the listed range?

If an item is not on our web site, it is unfortunately not possible to order it online. Our instore stock may differ from our online collection. By using 'contact', you can always send in your question, suggestion, comment or desired product.

3.2 The item is out of stock, it is possible to order?

Front Runner only delivers items that are listed on the website.

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4.1 When will my order be delivered?

The order is usually shipped within three business days, but the normal delivery time is 1 week.

4.2 What is the delivery time of my order?

If the order can be delivered completely, we usually have a delivery time of 1 week.

4.3 Can my order be delivered from a certain date?

This is possible, we can hold the order until the specified date.

4.4 An item is missing in the delivery but it is on the invoice.

If this is the case, then you can contact our customer service

4.5 My order still has not been delivered. What can I do?

Front Runner is doing it utmost to deliver the product as soon as possible, but something may have gone wrong. If this is the case, then you can contact our customer service

4.6 Where can I get my order delivered?

You can receive the delivery at your home or pick it up at one of our stores. You also can choose to pick it up at a Kiala point, but that is only possible in the Netherlands. For more information about the delivery, see 'shipment'.

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Warranty, exchange and return

5.1 What is the return policy of Front Runner?

You can return the item within 100 days from 1 day after receiving your order. Providing that the item(s) is not used, worn or damaged. The item has to be returned in the original package with the orginial price tags attached. For more information about the return policy of Front Runner, see 'exchange and return'.

5.2 What to do with a defective or imperfect item?

You should contact our customer service and they will give you the instructions. You probably can return the product and Front Runner will judge if the defective/imperfect item is well-founded. If that's the case, Front Runner will offer an appropriate solution.

5.3 Can I get a refund?

Front Runner only gives refunds from an online order if the goods have been returned within 100 days on condition that the items are adhered to the general conditions.

5.4 I have ordered the wrong size, what can I do?

You can exchange the product(s) within 100 days after you received them for the right size. You can contact our customer service to ask for centainty whether your size is on stock or not. The product also can be exchanged in one of our stores. The product can be exchanged for another size but not for a different product. Proof of purchase and delivery must be shown at the store in that case. Or you can send your product(s) at a Kiala point, that is only possible in the Netherlands.

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6.1 How can I receive the Front Runner newsletter?

When you wish to receive the Front Runner newsletter, you can simply sign up here.

6.2 How do I sign off from the Front Runner newsletter?

At the bottom of each newsletter, there is a link for signing off from the newsletter.

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Front Runner General

7.1 Can I use images from Front Runner?

For using images, see the 'disclaimer'.

7.2 What does Front Runner do with my data?

For information about personal data, see the 'privacy statement'.

7.3 What are the opening hours of Front Runner?

Customer service

From monday till friday between 9:00 am and 17:00 pm on phone: +31 302 192 640


For more information about the opening hours of the Front Runner stores,  see: 'stores'.

Web store

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

7.4 I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, what now?

If your question is not listed in the FAQ, you can contact the customer service.

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